A new checked-baggage inspection system is being installed at the Colorado Springs Airport.

To make room for installation, the Transportation Security Administration will relocate the checked-baggage screening process to the airport ticket lobby.

Construction of the new system – on the lower level of the terminal building –  is expected to take about 18 months.

During the week of March 29, the temporary inspection stations will be installed and ready to use by April 5.

The automated system will convey checked baggage through a system of explosive detection system machines, using CT scan technology to detect explosives and other potentially hazardous materials.  The existing system relies on a technology that requires manual inspection of each checked bag.

Therefore, the new system will increase the efficiency of the checked-baggage screening process, allowing for a higher degree of personal privacy for passengers.  Only those bags that are identified by the new system as a potential security threat will be opened for manual inspection.

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No local tax dollars will be used to pay for the new system. The airport and TSA will share the cost.

Construction budget

  • Building/baggage belt modifications, $14-16 million
  • EDS Equipment $5.8 million