Four new local citizens groups have been organized and will be funded through the Pikes Peak Community Foundation to address some of the issues facing Colorado Springs.

They include:

Friends of Extension (FOX): Commonly called “The FOX.” This organization supports the public needs with research based information about Youth Development (4-H), Horticulture, Nutrition, Family and Consumer Science, and Agriculture/Natural Resources.

My Community Investment Fund: Donations are being solicited to help offset service reductions in Parks and Recreation and City Transit areas.

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Proud of Our Parks: This group is working with neighborhood parks and waste management companies and the City to put trash cans back in the parks. “The man who Man has full-time job – Steve Immel, this is his new FT job.

Save Our Community Centers: This fund is specifically for the four neighborhood Community Centers that are scheduled to be closed.

“The C.S.U. Extension service is a long time program that is mandated by the state, but their budget keeps being cut. FOX is also very involved in helping single parents meet basic needs like putting food on the table,” said Pikes Peak Community Foundation Associate Director Bob Small.

He said that the foundation’s role has been to provide support for those wishing to donate to the funds and to make sure that multiple well-intentioned efforts are coordinated.

“I can’t tell you how many people have contacted us wanting to set up different funds,” he said, adding that at least four different residents had called regarding possible closure of the Westside Community Center. “We encouraged them to work together rather than separately.”

Based on Colorado Springs’ recent national headlines, the groups hope to offset negative perception.

It also wants to prevent regional resources going into waste and disrepair.

While many of the above funds have resulted from recent budget cutbacks, PPCF has a history of supporting community initiatives including, the Colorado Springs Olympic Spirit Fund,  the Fountain Creek Restoration Project,  the Friends of Julie Penrose Fountain, the Swing High Project, the Trust for Community Parks, the Uncle Wilber Fountain Fund (for many years, trying to set up endowment to support, and many more.  For a complete list of  community projects PPCF online at