The Colorado Telehealth Network will receive a total of $9.7 million to connect Colorado health care facilities to a statewide broadband network.

Hospitals, rural health clinics and other providers can share medical information across large distances – minimizing patient travel time and reducing health care costs.

“This major milestone will bring Colorado one step closer to putting broadband technology to use in health care,” said Steven J. Summer, president and CEO of the Colorado Hospital Associaiton.

For the past two years, CHA has worked with the Colorado Behaviorial Health Care Council to advance use of information technology in the state.

“We will now be able to serve all our communities equally,” said George DelGroso, CBHC executive Director. “Access to high quality care will be a mouse click away.”

The money will allow rural and urban providers to hold consultations via video conferences, as well as send and view individual patent medical information and monitor patient’s progress.

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Telehealth is a way to provide patients in rural areas access to medical specialists, sometimes without leaving home. Intensive care doctors can monitor critically ill patients around the clock. Video conferences allow specialists and primary care doctors to talk about a patient’s health.