A 17-mile stretch of Interstate 70 between Glenwood Springs and at Dotsero remains closed as geologists assess the danger level of a rock that appears to be unstable.

The highway was closed yesterday when a massive rock slide covered the road and punched a hole in a bridge.

There appears to be another rock at the top of the slide site that looks like it could also tumble at any time.

However, assessing whether it’s stable requires a two-hour hike up the mountain and a two-hour back down.

In the meantime, crews continue to blast the large boulders into smaller pieces for removal. So far, crews have blasted three rocks and have several more to blast apart. This work will continue this afternoon.

Motorists can take US 40 to SH 13 as an alternate route. US 50 to the south is now closed over Monarch pass due to adverse conditions.

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The slide struck around midnight Sunday near the Hanging Lake Tunnel in Glenwood Canyon, a deep and narrow chasm about 110 miles west of Denver, the Colorado Department of Transportation said.

No injuries or damage to vehicles were reported.