Colorado has a better vaccination rate for both seasonal influenza and H1NI flu than the national rates.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said that 60.3 percent of children and teens in the state received seasonal flu vaccination, which was twice as high as the national rate. Only 32.1 percent of that same group received the H1N1 shot.

Combined rates that examine both children and adults show that 42.6 percent of the state’s population received seasonal flu shots, higher than the national average of 34.4 percent. The combined H1N1 rate, however, is just 14.8 percent, compared to 13.6 percent nationally.

“I’m pleased that we managed to do better than national averages, but disappointed that all rates aren’t better,” said Ned Calonge, the state’s chief medical officer. “For example, the combined rates are nothing to write home about. These rates reveal the vast majority of the population is still vulnerable to this illness, which continues to circulate among all populations.”

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