Just as the General Assembly considers bills to end tax credits for businesses, the state’s business councils and advocates are descending on the Colorado Capitol to make their voices heard.

Representatives from Colorado Springs, Denver, Aurora, the National Federation of Independent Businesses and the Colorado Competitive Council will be holding a rally tomorrow to protest legislation they see as particularly harmful to the state’s business climate.

“There is a lot of alarm,” said Stephanie Finley, president of governmental affairs and public policy for the Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce. “And this is the first time so many groups have gotten together because they see this legislation is so harmful.”

The General Assembly is considering several bills that could harm businesses and cripple the job market, she said. Among them are bills to end tax credits for software downloads and for energy manufacturers.

“There are some left-leaning legislators who see tax credits as a fertile place to go to solve the financial crisis,” Finley said. “We want them to know that’s not acceptable.”

Business people want a stronger voice at the Capitol, she said.

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“Some of this legislation will hurt job growth, we need legislation to create jobs, not kill them,” she said.

Speakers at the rally, slated for 10 a.m. on the West steps of the Capitol, are:

Kevan Worley, Worley Enterprises, Colorado Springs
Bob Boswell, Western Sizzlin’, Greeley
Phil Vaughn, Phil Vaughn Construction Management, Rifle
Criag Meis, Olsson Associations, Grand Junction
Mark Moses, Outback Restaurants, Aurora
Lori Scholotter, Colorado Customware, Loveland
Mark Hamouz, Lonco Inc., Denver


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