Today, the Daniels Fund awarded a $1.25 million grant to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs College of Business to help further instill a high standard of ethics in students.

The grant is part of an initiative of eight universities in four states that will collaborate on developing ethics programs.

UCCS College of Business Dean Venkat Reddy said the grant will give the College of Business an opportunity to further its vision of building successful futures by giving students the tools to embody and model ethical behavior.

“With the assistance of our college, campus, community and consortium partners, we look forward to creating environments in which ethical behavior is encouraged and expected,” Reddy said.

Two of the universities already have business ethics programs supported by the Daniels Fund – the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver and the University of Wyoming College of Business.

Linda Childears, president and CEO of Daniels Fund, said that founder Bill Daniels considered ethics to be the strongest part of his business acumen.

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“Bill epitomizes the ethics that we hope to instill,” Childears said. “He made many business decisions that did not make him money, but they were the right thing to do.”

She said the universities were chosen for the grant based on their strong leadership, strong business schools and geographical distribution.

“Each university will have its own approach to this, but are willing to share ideas and case studies to leverage their resources. And all of them are committed to principle-based ethics,” Childears said.

She has confidence that UCCS will implement the grant money with absolute commitment to its students and to sharing resources.

“Pam Shockley is just fabulous,” Childears said, “and so is Venkat Reddy.”

Two other universities in the state will also receive the grant–University of Northern Colorado and Colorado State University.