FORT CARSON, Colo. (AP) – Soldiers at Fort Carson may have to start cutting the grass, hauling trash and taking on other chores because of a proposed 20 percent cut in the post’s operating budget.

Army posts nationwide may see their budgets cut as the military tries to hold down non-war spending while escalating the fight in Afghanistan.

Col. Robert McLaughlin, the garrison commander, says he was told to cut operational expenses by 20 percent.

Civilian contract workers who now do maintenance, yard work, food service and other jobs could be at risk.

Fort Carson officials say it will be up to individual contractors to decide their staffing levels if the value of the contracts shrinks.


  1. There are many who depend on the outsourcing of jobs. My husband is a mechanic for LSI on post. They are already stretched so thin. To think that more cuts may come seems absurd. One person can only do so much. Stretch any more then you can expect corners to be cut, mistakes to be made, and more money spent to fix it.

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