The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is accepting grant applications for $1.1 million in waste diversion and recycling projects in Colorado.

The application deadline is March 3. But there’s a catch: The grant, approved by the legislature during 2007, is scheduled to end June 30. If the sunset provision of the law isn’t repealed before then, the grants will not be funded.

Entities eligible to apply are:

●public and government agencies, including universities and schools;

●private sector organizations, both for-profit and nonprofit, that have the approval and/or support of a local government agency;

●private sector organizations, both for-profit and nonprofit, without approval of local government, when the application includes documentation that the project will be beneficial to the local community;

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●out-of-state companies or organizations that are expanding in or relocating to Colorado, or have an in-state business presence, and are registered as doing business in Colorado and whose project benefits Colorado directly. Such organizations must be registered with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office prior to application submittal.

Grant applications may be downloaded from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Web site at Awards will be announced in early May. The start date for projects is July 1.

The grant funding comes from landfill surcharges being collected by the state. The surcharge is part of Colorado’s Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Act of 2007.