At least one Washington think-tank believes that comprehensive immigration reform can save $15 trillion in added gross domestic product during the next 10 years.

The Center for American Progress report, “Raising the Floor for American Workers,” says that the evidence is a “compelling” reason to move away from enforcement-only policies that “perpetuate unauthorized immigration and exert downward pressure on already low wages.”

The report suggests that creating a way for illegal immigrants to obtain legal, permanent status in the United States is more economically beneficial than expelling all illegal aliens and sealing the U.S.-Mexican border.
According to the findings:
– Comprehensive reform generates an annual increase in the U.S. GDP of at least 0.84 percent, amounting to $1.5 trillion during the next 10 years.
– The temporary worker program generates an annual increase in U.S. GDP of 0.44 percent, or $792 billion during 10 years. This program, however, will decrease wages for both Americans and illegal immigrants.
– Mass deportation reduces GDP by 1.46 annually, a loss of $2.6 trillion during 10 years. Wages would rise for less-skilled American workers, but would be reduced for higher-skilled workers and would lead to widespread job loss.

The Center for American Progress obtained its information by studying the 1986 Immigrant Reform and Control Act. The center says the act was implemented during a recession characterized by high unemployment; it still helped raise wages and spurred increases in educational, home and small-business investments by newly legalized immigrants, according to the report.

But other groups claim a “bailout for illegal immigrants” is the only lesson to be learned from the 1986 amnesty bill.

The Center for Immigration Studies said that the bill resulted in a tremendous amount of fraud, and led more people to enter the country illegally.

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David North, author of a study examining the results of the 1986 law, said that most people receiving citizenship did so through fraud, and most of them were at the bottom of the U.S. labor market.

“The United States should not have another legalization program,” he said. “We have proved that amnesties simply beget more illegals, and they, in turn, beget new and more vigorous pleas for another amnesty. We know, or should know, that more people with limited skills and limited rights in the labor market can only lead to still greater discrepancies between the rich and the poor. Further, as a nation, we seem to be incapable of creating an adequate infrastructure for those who are already living here – why strain it further?


  1. Let ’em in! Hell let ’em all in! Let in the undocumented worker. Let in the terrorists. Let in the criminals, let them all in. Give them amnesty. Let them ovwhealm our hospitals, schools, libraries, roads, welfare. Let them in! Let them come over the border today and put them on unemployment tomorrow. If they can’t find a job, extend unemployment until they do. Let’s just do one of the largest transfers of wealth since the Bolshevic Revolution. Let’s just do it! Why fight about it?

    Let’s change the words on the Statue of Liberty to read,

    “Give me your lazy, your poor,
    Your emboldened drug lords yearning to exploit another society,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore who want health care, food and welfare.
    Send these, the homeless who want to remain homeless, tempest-tossed to me.
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door. Send them before my lamp goes out because of the debt burden I will take on to support these masses”


  2. Amazing what you can discover in a study when you already know what you want the end results to be. How can legalizing a bunch of criminal invaders ever be shown to be beneficial when we have 20% unemployment. Yeah, I know the government (unbiasedly) reports only 10% but as usual, they are only counting the ones that are still on unemployment and not looking at the ones that are still unemployed, looking for work and have exceeded their unemployment benefits.
    Also, it just galls me that these criminals, invade our country and we turn around and reward them with free hospitalization, education, college tuition and now the most cherished thing in the world, US Citizenship.
    Here’s an idea, find them where ever they show up and put them to work building THE FENCE, picking crops, or whatever chain gang labor we have until they pay off the cost of shipping them back. If we started doing that, they would not feel like invading America is such a great thing.
    Of course, the democrats would not benefit from all of those guaranted votes then. That is WAY more important then protecting our sovereignty.
    By the way, don’t tell me they pay taxes. Any businessman around knows that they are always begging to buy your goods with ‘no tax’, their best english.

  3. The American people very soon better realize that President Obama, pushed by the cohorts of Democrats are going to urge him to start the drive for Comprehensive Immigration Reform? If unopposed the Democrats might pass the CIR, but their is a growing dam of US Workers and an even larger majority of the population, who are tired of these so called Liberal Progressives. China already owns us from our furious buying frenzy of many inferior goods and even some that have been highly toxic. Most of the importers don’t care as long as they can make that extra dollar. The sale keeps going on and like fools we are, the cheaper the goods? Why do we not realize why America is in the dung pit? Same with–NOT CONSTRUCTING–a real originally designed border fence. Under contract to the US government, taxpayers have forked out millions of dollars for cameras and equipment that sits dormant along the border.

    None of the politicians will mention this, because they have probably got some lucrative kick-backs from the contractors? While we are saving the world with taxpayers money, we still cannot keep illegal immigrants off US soil. We are still overrun by illegal workers, drug dealers and a whole compendium of criminals. If that is not enough, it is contempt for the people who pay the salaries of our public servants, but they still refuse to enforce immigration laws. Many are so corrupt that they have stalled or even killed laws, that would alleviate much of the pain of the 15 million Americans out-of-work. An example is E-Verify, that should have been permanent, not just for 3 years? another is 287 (g). The list of culprits are long, but Sen.Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and even Janet Napolitano leads the pack, who are out to appease La Raza and other ethnic caucuses, not to forget the massive financial lobbying of every business that wants to low wages with no benefits. This is not about just well-paid Americans or legal residents who have a good lifestyle, but about the less educated, non-skilled members of the population who need jobs. Employment stolen by foreigners using doctored immigration papers and bogus Social Security numbers?

    Extraordinary! As they have almost achieved this, with the collaboration of the Council of Foreign Relations, whose secret agenda is the free flow of immigrant worker–legal or illegal. Much the same as Europe who are having to deal with the same issues. E-Verify is the pariah businesses nightmare, because they can be audited by fed agents. But just like our flimsy immigration enforcement as entering this nation illegally, that is–ONLY–a porous civil infraction of our law. Unless we insist that the Senate-House make E-Verify in-perpetuity, we will still be no better off, although more companies are signing up for the federal program. Napolitano has weakened the 287 (g) police detainment program and lessened stealthily under the table the power of ICE raids around the country. Worst of all–nobody in Washington seems to have recognized, that just before the president signs the AMNESTY bill, millions more will try to get through the borders or fly in by jet.

    I don’t have to state to Americans the–BILLIONS–of dollars this will cost–as its costing now in free unrevealed monies that supports illegal immigrant families, stolen by the tax system. Never have I seen people so angry with this administration that is spending the lives of our grandchildren future. The blame cannot even be attributed to those in power now, but through many presidents have we been subsidizing the welfare of illegal families. IF YOU WANT TO APPROVE A TRILLION DOLLAR COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION POLICY THAT’S YOUR CHOICE. BUT IF YOU ARE TIRED OF SUPPORTING THE REST OF THE WORLD, YOU BETTER SPEAK UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 to be connected to your Senator and Congressman and use the voting power of THE PEOPLE. NUMBERSUSA AND JUDICIAL WATCH for more frightening information and which lawmaker are signers to the potential AMNESTY and the immigration grades of the proponents.

    Local Immigration news.
    LAWRENCEVILLE — Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway, the shepherd of 287 (g), says the fast-track deportation program is showing clear signs of success less than two months since its activation. Conway shrugs off claims from immigrant rights activists who complain the program is racially motivated. He points instead to data that show 287 (g) is easing jail crowding and could save the county millions, while pulling law-breakers by the hundreds from streets and neighborhoods. Conway credits 287 (g) with a dramatic decrease in bookings of illegal immigrants since its Nov. 16 debut.

    No copyright on any of my comments. COPY & PASTE! We need to get the message out to the people.

  4. ***

    Ideal Immigration Reform & Earned Citizenship

    1. If you are in the United States and out of status but enter the country with inspection, must show I-94 (Arrival – Departure Record) or other entry documents.

    A) 20 years plus stay in the US : you will get a green card immediately.
    (must show past Federal Tax for 18 years)
    B) 15 years plus stay in the US : you will get a green card after 1 year.
    (must show past Federal Tax for 13 years)
    C) 10 years plus stay in the US : you will get a green card after 5 years.
    (must show past Federal Tax for 8 years)
    D) 5 years plus stay in the US : you will get a green card after 10 years.
    (must show past Federal Tax for 3 years)
    E) less than 5 years stay in the US : you will get a green card after 12 years.

    2. If you are in the United States and out of status but enter the country without inspection, cannot show I-94 (Arrival – Departure Record) or other entry documents.

    a) You will be given a special visa to go back to your country and a guaranteed return (within 90 days), and inspection with USCIS.
    b) After 12 years you will get a green card.

    3. If you are in the United States and out of status but accompanied by your parents before the age of 16.

    a) You will be given a special visa to go back to your country and a guaranteed return (within 90 days), and inspection with USCIS.
    b) You must have lived continuously in the U.S. for at least 5 years
    c) You must either complete 2 years of collage or serve in the military for a minimum of 2 years.
    d) You will get a green card after your 26th birthday.

    4. You must pay $3000 fee to USCIS regardless of your status to process your application.
    5. All applicants must prove their common English language skills within one year after you file your application.
    6. Pass a background check with FBI.
    7. Barred from any Federal Welfare Program until you get your Green Card.
    8. If you are married and have children (under 21) they will be united to you immediately.
    9. You must prove each year as a TAX PAYER. Must pay $2000 or more per year FEDERAL TAX. If you pay $5,000 or more FEDERAL TAX, you can expedite your application process by one year. $10,000 or more by two years and $15,000 or more by three years.
    10. All applicants will be issued a 5 years Work Authorization Card immediately.
    11. You can travel outside the country but cannot stay more than 90 days.
    12. After you get your green card, 2 years later you will become a US Citizen.

  5. You have a mistake in your first paragraph. The report falsely claimed an increase of 1.5 Trillion over 10 years, or 150 Billion per year. Even if the findings of the report were true, the increase in population that came with it would make that “increase” actually a decrease in the resourcees produced per capita, which leads to a decrease in wages, and an increase in required social services, resulting in a larger defecit. To claim that is good for America is ludicrous.

  6. Agree with what Earned citizenship said. I am lawfully tax payer in US over 10 years still cannot apply for Permanent resident by myself. What a shame to USCIS regulation. Where is the “Human Right” , thought this is what Statue of Liberty stand for, right? Freedom? Where? I don see it on immigration side.
    US immigration needs to learn this from United Kingdom. They have more far better human way to treat Lawfully immigrant, even the illegal immigrant. Please check on Canada, France, italy..immigration regulation..

    US should remain open to the job market today. That’s how US can be the top of the coutries. Competitive is a must to the job market. That’s best work force create best product in the world. There is no foreign labor steal american job, There is only 60,000 foreign labor allowed to work in US each year. What is US population today? Do the math. And you will find yourself really naive.

    Remember, you who give comment, criticized illegal immigrant or how foreign labor will do harm to US economy. We are all immigrant on this land. Only Native red indian can declare this is belongs to them originally.

    From my point of view, who bring down the US economy to the current situation. It is Bush administration to be blamed, How much tax payer money is going to Iraq war, ridiculous military spending? And still continue now. We are step in the bottomless hole. And also all the loop hole of federal financial system.

    Please be a smart person with global view to comment.

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