Interested in equality? Buy from General Mills instead of Kellog’s, Visa instead of Discover, Orbitz instead of Expedia.

And if you just aren’t sure whose employment policies support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights – well, now there’s an app for that.

The Human Rights Campaign released the first-ever “Buying for Equality” iPhone application. This guide will allow shoppers to access its guide for equality as they are shopping to see how hundreds of popular American brands are rated based on the businesses’ treatment of their LGBT employees.

The application is available at Both Apple and the iPhone’s exclusive service provider, AT&T, score 100 percent on the 2010 corporate equality index.

“As pro-equality consumers enter the stores in 2010, the new Buying for Equality iPhone application is a revolutionary tool that will help inform purchases and support those businesses who believe in our equality,” said Joe Solmonese, president of the nonprofit. “With this application, critical information about workplace equality is now at the fingertips of thousands of LBGT and allied supporters who have hundreds of billions of dollars in buying power.”

The buying for equality guide is also available on any mobile device via text messaging. Text “shop” and a business or brand name to 30644 and receive the company’s rating immediately.

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The LGBT community is estimated to have $712 billion in buying power this year, according to research by Witeck-Combs Communications and

Companies in the guide are judged by their employment policies and efforts to support equality in the workplace for lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender people.


  1. Thanks Amy and CSBJ for covering the VERY important economic and business terrain relating to gay-friendliness! Colorado Springs often ignores it at our own great peril. Economist Richard Florida’s work on “The Creative Class” demonstrates convincingly that gay friendly cities do much better in attracting employers of choice, and thriving. Let’s hope Colorado Springs can catch up in this new decade! A great start would be passing the Plus One city employee benefits policy proposed by Citizens Project (

  2. Great peril? Sounds like another left wing extremist alarm being sounded to me.
    Well, my thanks to the Homosexual Human Rights Campaign for providing a very useful app. Now I know how to find and avoid the companies that support the lifestyles of the perverted. This will be a very useful tool.
    Richard Florida isn’t exactly the unbiased economist that we should be paying attention to. He is making his living off of promoting this so-called Creative Class concept with seminars, tutorials, etc. Of course, he is going to be sounding the alarm so more people and companies will sign up for his seminars.
    Colorado Springs had a great industry going with the creative geniuses in the electronics and high tech industries that were actually producing something and providing jobs. These young professionals came with their families because Colorado Springs was such a family friendly, clean town – at that time. Unfortunately, our city and state governements were unwilling to provide the incentives to keep the high tech industry intrested in staying here. Colorado is full of creative people through out the state producing a wide variety of wonderful and not so wonderful art. Alas, the only jobs produced is for the single artist who can’t sell his work.
    So, now we have this group, the alleged Human Rights Campaign, with a vested interest in supporting the perverison lifestyles that want the city to provide health insurance opportunities? Let’s see, their first step is to get their ‘partners’ on the rolls, 2nd step is to convince everyone that all of us shoud pay for their ‘partners’ of the moment’s health insurance. Since it is well documented that their licentious lifestyles result in major health issues, this would mean that everyone’s insurance premiums will rise to cover them.
    So, let’s be a little more concerned for the rights of the majority in not having to pay for your health issues brought on by your choice of lifestyles.

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