Newspaper readers have no doubt shaken their heads at one time or another after reading about what they believed to be a ridiculous lawsuit.

While what they’d consider to be the most ridiculous is a matter of opinion, here’s what the U.S. Chamber Press Institute for Legal Reform considers to be the most ridiculous suits of 2009.

5. Neighbor sues woman for smoking in her own home;

4. Double-murderer sues to claim his victims’ classic Chevy pickup;

3. Holocaust denier sues Auschwitz survivor, alleging memoir contains “fantastical tales”;

2. Tourist sues hotel, claiming swimming pool got daughter pregnant;

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1. Illegal immigrants sue rancher who stopped them on his property at gunpoint and turned them over to the Border Patrol.

Nominees were drawn from the monthly “Most Ridiculous Lawsuit Poll” winners, chosen by visitors to

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