Beginning in January, seven organizations with a stake in the future of Front Range transportation planning will collaborate to survey more than 1,500 Pikes Peak region households to anticipate future travel habits.

The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments has joined with three other Front Range Metropolitan Planning Agencies and three government organizations to survey the region’s travel patterns.

The Front Range Travel Counts survey is the first in-depth study of urban household travel behavior covering all of Colorado’s Front Range.

The four agencies sponsoring the survey are PPACG, the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Denver Regional Council of Governments, and the Pueblo Area Council of Governments.

Governmental survey partners are the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Regional Transportation District and the Federal Highway Administration.

Front Range Travel Counts will randomly contact households to participate.

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About 12,000 participants along the Front Range will receive a travel diary and instructions for recording travel. To ensure the study reaches a representative sample, each household will also be asked about access to transportation and socioeconomic characteristics.

This will enable planners to tie individual and household characteristics to the trips actually made to determine whether the number of vehicles owned or the number of children in a household affects daily activities.

Surveys began in Denver during September and will conclude in spring 2010. They will begin in the Pikes Peak area in January and in the Pueblo area during the spring of 2010.


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