Smartphone users apparently are very particular about which phone they buy and why they purchase certain brands.

The majority of respondents to a recent comScore survey chose Blackberry devices as their handheld of choice.

About 51 percent of all purchasers surveyed said they planned to buy a Blackberry during the next three months. That compared with 20 percent for Apple’s iPhones, 17 percent for Google’s Android-based devices and a paltry 3 percent for Palm products.

The focus of the reprot was whether Android is shaking up the smartphone market.

Although Android’s share of the smartphone market is relatively small,” the report said, “it has quickly doubled in the past year to 3.5 percent during October. Understanding the mobile media behavior of Android users highlights why operators and media companies might embrace the platform and fuel its growth.”

Different mobile devices also seem to attract different types of users.

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In its report, comScore said an analysis of mobile media consumption on smartphones showed that users of both Apple and Android-supported devices were more likely to engage with mobile media than an average smartphone user.


  1. Love my Palm. On my 3d generation and love it. My carrier is Verizon and the new Palm Pre is only carried by Sprint. Ugh! Verizon needs to get on the ball.

  2. It won’t be long.

    Apple’s iPhone was the most popular headset in the US for the majority of 2009, according to recently published data from Nielsen. Estimates are now that iPhone will have sold over 65 million phones. And market data indicates the iPhone is power shifting into a faster gear in sales. Blackberry and RIMM are trying hard to stay in the game by selling a buy one, get one free.

    If Apple starts that kind of discounting, stand back!

    Just wait ’till you see the year end sales data.

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