Cannabis Science Inc., a Colorado Springs-based company, is launching a series of commercials designed to educate people about cannabis-based medicine.

The commercials will discuss research developments and track cannabis medicine through the Food and Drug Administration approval process. The series will also cover the commercialization of medical marijuana through licensed dispensaries, plus patient interviews about cannabis use, government legal issues and legalization progress tracking.

The commercials will feature Dr. Robert Melamede, retired chairman of the biology department at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and CEO of Cannabis Science.

Melamede said numerous ailments can be treated with cannabis.

“Cannabis Science Inc., as its name implies, is using the latest scientific techniques to develop standardized cannabis extracts that can be used in a variety of ways to help patients,” he said.

The company works closely with the medical marijuana movement, he said. Medical marijuana is currently the topic of heated debate in Colorado, as public health officials and legislators tackle how best to regulate the industry made legal with an amendment to the state Constitution.

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The first commercial aired yesterday on Trader’s Nation, a syndicated small-cap market program airing on 42 cable television affiliates. The commercials are also available at