Colorado’s economy will stabilize but not grow during 2010.

During yesterday’s Colorado University at Boulder, Leed’s School of Business 45th annual Colorado Business Economic Outlook forum, economist Richard Wobbekind said he expects the loss of 3,200 jobs during 2010.

By contrast, the state lost 100,000 jobs during 2009.

And job losses will level off during the second quarter. The state’s economy has not only suffered during the recession, but has not generated enough jobs since 2000. Colorado’s population has increased by 870,000 since then – with only 117,900 jobs added.

“Our recent job growth is very low compared to the past three decades,” Wobbekind said.

Colorado’s unemployment rate for 2010 is expected to increase from 7.3 percent at the end of the year to 8.1. By comparison, national unemployment is 10 percent.

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