University researchers may have the answer for U.S. businesses that were growing but have been thwarted by lack of access to capital.

A three-month research project by the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business and Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado-Boulder shows that a program called the Incentivize Success Plan would motivate successful companies to expand their businesses and hire/retrain laid-off workers.

However, the plan is not a bail-out for struggling companies.

It is designed to help grow businesses with less than 500 employees gain access to capital.

The plan would have three components: low-interest government-guaranteed loans, 1 percent rate discount on borrowing rates, and a tax credit for retraining U.S. workers.

Research included the administration, design, costs and benefits associated with such a plan, and whether there is a tangible need for it.

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Leeds and Daniels researchers reached the following conclusions:

  • There is clear evidence that capital constraints for businesses are inhibiting the growth of the economy. But the IS! plan offers a realistic way for banks to increase lending, so U.S. companies can grow.
  • The plan is designed to be universal – without being political, industry-bound or geographically bound. And it also supports companies that exhibit growth, but have financial credit constraints that inhibit growth potential.
  • By the second year, the plan would be fiscally revenue positive, given the income taxes and business taxes due to economic growth.
  • The projected $15 billion for the plan is expected to have significant economic impact – including 978,196 jobs created and a $595.4 billion increase in gross domestic product over five years, with a positive return on investment for taxpayers.

Researchers expect that phase two of the project will provide “actionable research for policy makers” at a critical time for the economy.


  1. As long as John Sie is behind this initiative it has a solid chance of being heard. He has proven many times before that he tilts when he should withdraw and win when others only find ways to lose. I applaud his efforts.

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