The social networking venue you choose apparently has a lot to do with your demographic profile.

Researchers at the Neilson Co. have published a report they say shows there’s a connection between affluency and social networking choices, according to a CNN report.

People in more affluent demographics were 25 percent more likely to use Facebook, while the less affluent or less educated users were 37 percent more likely to turn to MySpace.

Social networking sites also broke out along income lines with more than 23 percent of Facebook users earning $100,000 or more annually.

About 37 percent of MySpace members earned less than $50,000 a year, while only about 28 percent of Facebook users fell into the same category. 

The most affluent social networkers – often white collar professionals – preferred LinkedIn (38 percent made more than $100,0000 per year) or Twitter. 

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Researchers offered this demographic breakdown:

Users with household income above $75,000

Facebook – 41.74 percent
MySpace – 32.38 percent
LinkedIn – 58.35 percent
Twitter – 43.34 percent

Users with household income less than $50,000

Facebook – 28.42 percent
MySpace – 37.13 percent
LinkedIn – 17.34 percent
Twitter – 28.36 percent

Users aged 18 to 24
Facebook – 10.27 percent
MySpace – 15.46 percent
LinkedIn – 3.99 percent
Twitter – 9.51percent

Users aged 35 to 49
Facebook – 31.54 percent
MySpace – 29.09 percent
LinkedIn – 43.64 percent
Twitter – 34.02 percent


  1. This does not surprise me. LinkedIn is more for the Corporate worker. They are networking with other colleagues, looking for jobs or joining business groups. LinkedIn is the more Formal Business Social Media Venue.

    Facebook is more for the average person… Although it was started to help college students communicate, the 35+ group pretty much dominates this space. Facebook is also good for the small business person to maintain a business page. Word of mouth is a huge source on Facebook.

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