A September increase in Colorado Springs enplanements – the first year-over-year monthly increase of 2009 –  might mean holiday travel seats will be scarce.

Aviation Director Mark Earle said he expects the uptick to continue and officials are advising would-be travelers to book early.

“We’ve seen evidence of improvement since early in the year, but so far it’s been a trend where the gap [in decreases], was getting smaller each month,” he said. “September is our first crossover point. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.”

Chief Financial Officer Gisela Shanahan said enplanements were up 2.3 percent during September – reversing of a 4 percent August decrease compared to last year.

“If the current trend continues, I expect we may end up at or slightly above last year’s totals,” she said, adding that most planes leaving from the airport these days are leaving full.