One of the upsides to a down economy is that children are learning to save money.

Although the recession is unofficially over, the state of the economy has not been lost on young consumers and savers.

Children and youths are primarily saving for college and cars.

A U.S. Bank back-to-school survey of 1,500 children, ages five to 12, showed that kids are doing extra chores, babysitting and collecting change to reach their goals.

Here’s the kids’ top 10 list:

1. College (30 percent)

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2. Car (15 percent)

3. Pet (10 percent)

4. Trip (9 percent)

5. Video game system (8 percent)

6. Helping others (7 percent)

7. IPod (6 percent

8. Laptop (5 percent)

9. Musical instrument (4 percent)

10. Cell phone (3 percent), or Other (3 percent)