Information in a blog posting by John Hazlehurst titled “Bruce rings bell, media salivates,” which was published on on Aug. 19 was incorrect.

The blog stated that, “It turned out that Mr. Bruce had been tossed off Costco’s property a year before, for the same reason.” Mr. Bruce was not removed from the property during that prior incident.

The blog also stated that, “It turned out that private property owners have a right to expel trespassers …” At the time, the city’s General Order 701 – First Amendment Rights stated that “Individuals may engage in First Amendment related activities on privately owned property which offers routine public access, whether or not it is property posted and whether or not the owner/manager has granted permission, so long as the individuals do not violate a law such as blocking ingress or egress, harassing or assaulting other persons etc.” General order 701 was revised on Feb. 16 of this year and that language was removed.

The blog also stated that “Mr. Bruce was charged with that offense.” Mr. Bruce was not charged or cited by law enforcement during that prior incident.