About 30 people unveiled the new slogan for Pikes Peak United Way using a “guerilla marketing” technique: a flash mob.

The motto – Live United – was unveiled by volunteers who donned T-shirts printed with the logo during the the Jim Adam Blues Band performance last night, “Gettin’ Down Downtown” concert series in Amreica the Beautiful Park.

At a pre-approved signal, all 30 unveiled the t-shirts. Each member of the flash mob struck a pose and held it for two minutes, gaining the attention of the gathered crowd.

Flash mobs are a sneaky marketing attempt to gain support or attention for a brand.

They are rumored to have started in New York City, where crowds of people would gather for about ten minutes and disperse.


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  1. Such a great idea, and a wonderful way to exemplify the spirit of community for which United Way stands!

  2. I was a \flasher\ and I had 37 people in my group alone!! I think they forgot the 1 in front of the 30. Granted, with the turnout last night (probably over 500 people!), it may not have looked like that many. But we all spread out so we could spread the important message. The band was terrific . . . so nice to see them involved. LIVE UNITED!!

  3. Over 139 dedicated volunteers turned out last night to herald Pikes Peak United Way’s new call to action. Our sincere thanks to all who participated. Great photos, Rob!

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