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Greeley a hot (affordable) spot for relocating retirees

The Northern Colorado Business Report is reporting that Greeley is among eight affordable cities for relocating retirees, according to the September/October issue of Where to Retire magazine.

Other cities featured are Chattanooga, Tenn.; Fort Myers, Fla.; Winston-Salem, N.C.; Spokane, Wash.; Lancaster, Pa.; Salem, Ore. and Chico, Calif.

Where to Retire editor Mary Lu Abbott said it’s a prime time for retirees to find affordable places to relocate, as an excess inventory of homes provides great values at low cost.

As the housing market recovers, much of the buyer traffic will be active adults looking toward retirement. The cities that offer the opportunity for a well-rounded lifestyle coupled with great home buys should see increased interest from relocating retirees.

Each year, 700,000 Americans move to new towns to retire. Generally healthier, better educated and more affluent than retirees who stay put, relocating retirees bring significant economic benefits to their new states and hometowns, according to Abbott.

Superior goes solar

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Solar installations are complete on several Town of Superior facilities, including the Town Hall, Parks & Recreation building, Coal Creek Fire Station.

The systems are expected to generate 56,524 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy and offset more than 109,000 pounds of carbon emissions yearly. The town of Superior spent $96,925 to install the photovoltaic systems.

The town is planning on installing similar systems at its water treatment facilities.


  1. Any word on how long it will take to recover the costs? Are these systems considered economical, is Colorado Springs or other communities planning or buying solar systems?

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