Lots of people are moving to Colorado.

The state, and the West in general, are still the nation’s biggest relocation hot spots, according to a United Van Lines report that included data from the first half of this year.

And, more people are moving into Colorado than are moving out.

About 55 percent of Colorado’s 3,486 total household moves for the period were into the state, while 44.7 percent were out of the state, the study said.

States with 55 percent or more of moves into the state are considered “high inbound,” and states with the same percentage move ins and move outs or more move outs are “high outbound.”

Other western states considered high inbound in this year’s first half include:

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  • Oregon, 59.3 percent
  • Nevada, 57.7 percent
  • Wyoming, 57.5 percent
  • Idaho, 55.9 percent
  • New Mexico, 55.7 percent.

But Washington, D.C., maintained its position as the country’s most popular inbound destination in this year’s first six months, with 63.6 percent of household moves going to the district. That figure was up 1.5 percentage points at midyear.