Among the hail, lightning and wildland fires, the summer season also carries many risks – and reasons to update insurance policies

Last year, lightning caused fires that burned 111,147 acres in the Rocky Mountain Region There were 4,106 wildland fires in the state.

Nationally, over the past 10 years, lightning killed an average of 44 people a year – more than the number of people killed by hurricanes each year.

Four people were killed by lightning in Colorado last year. And so far this year, 14 people across the country have been killed by lightning – one death was in Colorado.

Tornadoes and hail recently caused $161.1 million in damage in the Denver-metro area.

Experts say now is the time to check insurance policies and make sure homes and automobiles are adequately covered against weather and fire damage.

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“Most homeowners’ claims are for homes in the eight- to 15-year-old range,” said Christina Loznicka, regional communication consultant for Allstate Insurance Company.

“These homes aren’t new anymore – but they’re not old. So people do the least amount of maintenance on homes in this range.”

For information about what to do during tornadoes or lightning storms and other ways to be prepared in Colorado, visit


  1. It’s always a good reminder to verify what your insurance covers. Better now than when you need it, and find out you don’t have enough coverage.

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