Twenty Colorado Springs physicians are listed among the nation’s most influential doctors in a USA Today public database opened this week.

The local doctors were among 6,000 in 300 metro areas considered to be leaders in their communities in treating one or more of four key chronic conditions: diabetes, asthma, hypertension and high cholesterol.

The database was created by Santa Fe-based Qforma, the newspaper reported Thursday.

“Unlike standard best-doctor lists compiled by opinion-based surveys, the Qforma analysis represents a national effort to track subtle differences in doctors’ practice patterns that reveal, on a local level, which doctors most influence their peers,” USA Today wrote in its explanation of the database.

Local doctors on the list include Bonnie Baswell, Eric Caplan, Stephen Fox, James Glass, David Greenberg, Susan Henley, Melinda Hockensmith, Deborah Jalowiec, Terry Johler, Charles Johnson, Russell Lee, Roger Mallory, William Munson, Robert Nathan, Yogesh Shrestha, William Storms, Christoph Tulin, Gregory Unruh, Richard Vu, and James Warren.

Click here to view the database.

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