Peterson Air Force Base has lost its bid to house the 24th Air Force cyber mission, a 400-airman Internet warfare unit.

Air Force officials announced this morning that Lackland AFB, Texas, is the preferred location for the unit. A final decision cannot be made until an environmental impact study is complete.

Peterson officials learned in January that the base was among five being considered for the unit.

“We put up a great proposal, but in the end they chose someone else,” said Brian Binn, president of military and business affairs for the Springs Chamber of Commerce. “We know the competition would be tough.”

Capt. Toni Tones, chief of public affairs for the 21st Space Wing at Peterson, said the news was disappointing but noted that Peterson’s Air Force Space Command would still oversee the 24th Air Force operations.


  1. Uh, Binny ……. “You knew the competition would be tough…” Not know the competition …. perhaps your proposal was not as good as you thought! Especially if you wrote it!

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