SET Family Medical Clinics and Peak Vista Community Health Centers are two of 14 health care centers to receive part of a $4.5 million grant to strengthen Colorado’s safety-net clinics.

The Colorado Trust gave the grants to community clinics, federally qualified health centers, school-based health centers and local public health departments.

Some clinics will use the money to hire additional health care providers to service more patients, as well as to be able to better connect children with additional health care services.

“Achieving accessible, affordable, qualify health care for all Coloradoans requires a long term commitment,” said Irene Ibarra, president and CEO of the Colorado Trust “At the same time, we need to also provide immediate support to the growing number of Colorado families that are finding it increasingly difficult to get the care they need without overburdening hospital emergency rooms.”

The Colorado Health Institute estimates that 1,500 additional primary care physicians will be needed in Colorado by 2025.