The Upper Creek Reservoir is expected to encompass about 760 acres.
The Upper Creek Reservoir is expected to encompass about 760 acres.

We have a mountain, let’s get a big lake to go with it.

As part of the Southern Delivery System, a new water storage reservoir is in the plans. Projections are that by 2018 there will be a 760-acre reservoir 14 miles southeast of town. This lake would be more than 10 times the size of Prospect Lake in Memorial Park. The Upper Williams Creek Reservoir, as proposed, will also serve as a warm-water fishery and could be stocked with bass and walleye.

To put it in perspective, this reservoir will be slightly smaller than the Cherry Creek reservoir near Denver, where sailing regattas are held. I wondered how to create a 760 acre lake. Executives with Colorado Springs Utilities told me crews would only have to dig for the dam and that topography will handle the rest.

There would be increased proceeds from the taxes on lodging and auto rentals. Tourism is a large component of our local economy, and a nice sailing lake would add to it. The lake would add to the tool belt of the convention and visitors bureau.

When I sailed last year on Lake Dillon, I found the backdrop of the majestic mountains quite inspiring. Colorado Springs Utilities will determine the feasibility of various types of recreation and will be working with the city, El Paso County and the Colorado Division of Wildlife on the project.

The artist’s rendering shows a couple of sailboats and a small fishing boat. I propose the lake be restricted to non-motorized boats. A bunch of jet skies whizzing around would turn it into a big Jacuzzi. Softly luffing sails would be much better for the ears than the screech of speed boats.

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OK, there could be one motorboat for the sailing regatta committees to use.

Think about the carbon footprint of a sailboat. Besides construction, there is very little. Sailors could come from all over the region to sail Lake Upper Williams Creek. We need a name change for the reservoir. Lake of the Springs maybe, or Pikes Peak Lake. You could be at the top of Pikes Peak in the morning and sailing Lake (put your name here) in the afternoon.

We will need a marina on the Upper Williams Creek Reservoir with a tiki hut and some good Caribbean-Jimmy Buffett-type music playing.

I shouldn’t have sold my sailboat before moving here six years ago.

Lon Matejczyk is publisher of the Colorado Springs Business Journal. He can be reached at or 329-5202.


  1. artist’s rendering looks exactly like the beach at Aurora Reservoir – where the majority of “local” triathlons are held. And oh, it would be SOOO nice to do a tri closer to town, without the rather doubtful water quality at Prospect lake to worry about. Let’s see… 2018… does not bear thinking how old I’ll be then. I’ll win my age/gender category maybe, though!

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