The Colorado Springs Police Department said this morning that it has requested $11.7 million in federal funding related to the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. 

Most of the money would be used to support additional personnel, including $5.8 million to hire 28 new police officers and pay their salaries for three years. Other money would be used to hire administrative personnel, to replace bulletproof vests and to address other departmental needs. 

 “We have taken a deliberate strategy in identifying a spending plan for stimulus funds that we’re eligible for,” said Chief Richard Myers. “The federal government has indicated that the spending of stimulus funds will be under an unprecedented degree of transparency, which we applaud.  As such, we recognize that every dollar we seek to spend should be prioritized for highest need, restoring cut services, or maximizing the effectiveness and efficiencies of our existing personnel. One-time sources of funding are not sustainable, absent accompanying follow-up funding.  This is why we have been judicious in the degree of seeking personnel.  On the other hand, the stimulus has a primary objective of creating jobs and to the extent possible, we have tried to balance that need for our community as well.”


  1. Should stimulus funds be used to fund city services that local voters refuse to pay for?

  2. Who is the first call for help people call for when they are in trouble? Of course this makes sense!!!!! They probably wouldn’t have to request this $$$ if the local voters educate themselves when at voting time regarding the first responder issues.

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