The Colorado Department of Transportation will close the two Larkspur rest areas along northbound and southbound Interstate 25 on May 11 because they are too expensive and too time consuming to maintain.

The southbound area has been closed since November 2008 and requires $300,000 in repairs to meet health department standards, and officials said maintenance of both rest areas averages $650,000 a year.

“It wasn’t an easy decision,” CDOT Regional Transportation Director Tony DeVito said. “Both areas have been used for many years by travelers and commercial drivers alike, but the facilities are outdated and require continual maintenance. The costs to keep both areas open are becoming prohibitive.”

He also said that when the rest areas were built, the towns of Castle Rock and Monument were much smaller and traveler services were minimal.

CDOT will begin converting the rest areas to truck chain stations this summer. The buildings will be demolished and closure gates installed. They will provide a safe place for truckers to install or remove chains when the chain law is in effect for travel over Monument Hill. The stations and their restrooms will only be open when the law is in effect.

The southbound rest area was opened in 1968, and the northbound rest area in 1974.

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  1. Folks – Aren’t those the only two rest areas between Denver and Colorado Springs? If my memory serves me correctly, there doesn’t seem to be many (if any) rest areas between Denver and Pueblo as it is!

  2. This is a truly OUTRAGEOUS decision by CDOT and MUST BE REVERSED. Let CDOT cut other costs, but these rest areas are used by tens of thousands of people every year, perhaps more! You don’t cut services that are actually USED by by people, by TAXPAYERS. Cut about 10 employees out of CDOTs personnel budget and that will cover the cost. I’d suggest that everyone in the Front Range area raise hell with CDOT AND their state representatives about this.

  3. The Real Estate Commissioner of Colorado continues to enact ridiculous rules/laws “In the Best Interest of the Public”, but we can’t get Colorado Highway TAX DOLLARS to cover the costs of a “REST area” and leaving with NO breaks for many miles for truckers (our lifeline in this country) and tourists (good for economy) except to pull off into a town with traffic, backtrack, turn around, go potty and waste valuable time. What about a safe place to REST? This is the Darkest and most dangerous area between Denver and Colorado Springs, sleepy eyes only take a second. This is a foolish move.

  4. It seems to me that colorado does not have but a few rest areas as it is. What is the cost of having vail pass rest area open I am not saying we don’t need vail pass rest area but lets compare cost

  5. Look at this decision from a safety perspective as well – no pull areas for truckers and campers – they’ll park on the entrances and exits and along the shoulders OR drive sleepily through our state, thus potentially increasing accidents involving sleepy drivers.

    $12M to build new rest areas – we’re not asking for the Taj Majal here. Close the bathrooms, but leave the parking areas available for people to use. It doesn’t cost $750k to empty the trash at these two locations or put some port-o-johns on the properties…..

    In addition the only safe pull out areas are the Pinon truck stop and the Baptist Rd truck stop….so truckers will find their place to bed down for the night – regardless of the states stupid mistake here in closing these areas.

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