Photos courtesy of 92.9 The Peak FM.
Photos courtesy of 92.9 The Peak FM

Thirty women – or, chicks and their peeps, rather – were trailed Friday night by a red wagon and rubber ducks with “Chick in Charge” name tags, during Manitou Springs’ first Chick Crawl, a retail promotional event to draw female shoppers.

And, by most accounts the event was a success.

Jewelry was “flying out the door” of clothing boutique Safron, said Manitou’s Economic Development Director Kitty Clemens.

The “chicks” toured downtown Manitou and shopped till they dropped – into their chairs – to eat chocolate brownies with raspberry sauce from Adam’s Mountain Café, served at Black Cat Books with ice wine.

It all started as a Business Improvement District project, Clemens said , but ended as an evening of wine and chocolate sampling, along with plenty of clothing and jewelry buying.

The crawl was limited to 30 women, because “that was as many as we could herd around at one time – some of the shops are small,” Clemens said.

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Word on the street is that each woman bought a bottle of wine at D’Vine Wines, where the crawl started, and plenty of organic bath and body products – some went for the no-scent option – at Salus, and it’s a safe bet that no one passed up a treat at Pikes Peak Chocolate.

At Crying Out Loud, they bought items for grandchildren and baby showers, and at Silver Sparrow Beads, they bought pendants, personalizing them with beads.









Ladies learned scarf-tying tricks at Twigs, and at Rising Sun Boutique, they bought – of course – more clothes.

“We introduced 30 new customers to Manitou,” Clemens said. “They got to meet the store owners and learn about their products during the tours, and they took advantage of the special offers.”

Clemens said Manitou will probably host the event quarterly – if not more often.

“They’ll probably become loyal customers,” Clemens said. “You can’t pry money out of someone’s hands if you’re not giving them really good value.”


  1. We had a blast at SALUS with all the ladies at the Chick Crawl! I demonstrated how our Organic Bath Bombs work and made customized bath and body care for the ladies! It was a very fun night and looking forward to it becoming a new Manitou event!

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