Dear Editor:

Re: Lon Matejczyk’s article “We might as well cede to Pueblo”

Mr. Matejczyk’s statements are completely wrong, starting with “What is Colorado Springs economic development budget?” He says it’s a measly $800,000 for city staff and program support.

But what do we, the citizens, get for the $800,000 city slush fund? Not a darn thing.

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The city staff, with City Council’s blessing, moved people who were supposed to be eliminated from various other departments to “economic development” to burn up the $800,000!

This provided a way that staff could be retained by hiding them in another non-productive department.

What do you think would haveD happened to the $3.2 million? How many city staff would have been moved to the new slush fund?

That is why all you see is smoke and mirrors when it comes to real cuts in this bloated city government. They have found a trough that never is empty, endless citizen tax dollars to feed off!

He also talks about the solar array in Pueblo. Do you have any idea why Colorado Springs was not even considered for the project?

The obscene regulations, development fees, rain tax, water taps are outrageous, and just the anti-business attitude of the city and county.

Probably the biggest thing was free land on the Army depot.

Do you see the city or county doing anything to help provide land to a project or even a few breaks? You want to see jobs created? Fight to get rid of the draconian regulations, cut the development fees, cut the water taps, get rid of the rain tax!

As long as existing businesses are treated like criminals when they consider building new or expanding, and those who are thinking about locating here are criminalized by this city for even considering this city, we will never see any real permanent economic growth.

If you feel so strongly about having an Economic Development Corp., put your money where your mouth is. Get other private investors to fund the endeavor, but keep the city and their greedy mitts out of the fund because nothing will ever happen with city greed grabbing every possible penny.

This private development corporation can work with the city to reduce the fees to attract a business, not drive them away. If the city or county will not provide an atmosphere and spirit of cooperation, then move them to Pueblo where they will be accepted.

After a few of the deals going south, so to speak, maybe the people of this community will see that the city and county government do not give a hoot about the future generations of this community.

They can accomplish more to attract and retain business in this community than the city ever would or could. With $50 million dollars of our money.

Mr. Matejczyk preaches about quality of life being the big attraction to Colorado Springs. If you keep providing slush funds for the council and staff to raid, your quality of life goes down the tubes. To have a real quality of life, we need government to do what it is supposed to do, provide police and fire first and foremost. All items beyond that are non-essential and are not government’s responsibility.

It is not a quality of life issue for taxpayers to fund extravagant retirements and bonuses for city employees. Look where this has gotten us – a $60 million unfunded retirement liability, and many others are currently under the radar of the liabilities we taxpayers will have to pay before anyone has a quality of life!

Mitch Christiansen

Colorado Springs


  1. wow… stunning. So we don’t need parks, or schools, or emergency rooms. Mr. Christiansen’s vision of the world is not one in which I want to take part.

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