Richard Randall of 740 AM KVOR emceed the anti-tax Tea Party protest in Acacia Park today. About 1,500 people showed up to protest taxes, stimulus payments and corporate bailouts. Photos by Rob Larimer
Richard Randall of 740 AM KVOR emceed the anti-tax Tea Party protest in Acacia Park today. About 1,500 people showed up to protest taxes, stimulus payments and corporate bailouts. Photos by Rob Larimer

Their signs read “capitalism yes, socialism no” and “Deliver us from Obamanation.”

An estimated 1,500 people filled Acacia Park Wednesday for the national Tea Party anti-stimulus, tax and federal budget protest.

Quiet, patriotic and overwhelmingly angry, they were gray-haired grandmothers, retirees who lost their pensions in the financial meltdown, businessmen in shirts and ties who were on their lunch hour.

“I’m doing this because I am an American,” said Carolyn Majors, who also said she had never attended a

protest before. “I’m doing it for my grandkids, and their grandkids. We have to stop this reckless spending.”

Another woman lost half her retirement in a week, and is angry about the bailouts of financial institutions.

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“I worked hard my whole life,” said Judy Ferguson. “And I’m angry that I did that, followed the rules – and now I’ve ended up with nothing.”

Full of Goldwater conservatives , the crowd cheered in support of low taxes and small government.

The Colorado Springs event is one of several hundred held across the country todaythat were expected to draw a quarter of a million people.

The Tea Party, named after the Boston Tea Party that exemplified colonists’ frustration with British taxes, has been heralded by conservative groups as a way to influence Congress and President Barack Obama.






A number of public officials, including 5th distrct Congressman Doug Lamborn, attended the protest
A number of public officials, including 5th distrct Congressman Doug Lamborn, attended the protest.


  1. What kills me is that Bush got you protestors into this mess over the last 8 years and now you’re trying to blame Obama for trying to pull you out! I’ve never seen such a hypocritical attitude as that being played out across our nation today. I am so proud of the optimism Obama brings to our country and have faith that the next 8 years will be better. We have no where to go but UP!

  2. I’m glad to see people speaking their mind, including my mother who was quoted in this story. I just wish they had this much passion during the cause and not after the fall, thanks George W. Bush. I wish we voters/tax payers could try prevention instead of always having to react after the damage is done. I understand the frustration of losing retirement or money in the stock market, but that is the risk we take if you put anything in the market, the market has no guarantees. Luckily that socialist, FDR program named Social Security is still around to help.

  3. Curtis is either living on cannabis or has no clue to what America is going through.

    I have served my country, I have paid taxes and saved and invested in our capitalistic system.

    Today I have only 40% of my retirement; no salary as I sell on commission has seen my saving dwindle during the last 6 months to pay my bills.

    Yet Mr. Obama refuses to help me but authorizes billions of dollars that we the people will never see any result.

    I believe America is better than what we face today with our government leadership or lack there of.

    I do have an MBA and believe I am not stupid but Obama economics are flawed.

  4. Curtis is still drinking the cool-aid. He will see soon enough. I wonder what tax bracket he is in. I wonder if he owns a business. I wonder if he gets assistance from the government. “the next 8 years will be better”-Ha, I will be surprised if we don’t have Obama out of office before this 4 year term is up!

  5. More realistic might well be an anti-congressional rebellion … against those bufoons on both sides of the so-called aisle who are continually posturing for reelection, continuing their significantly overpaid sinecure, and disregarding what might be good for the nation. What? Do you mean that none of our firecely patriotic “legislators” have volunteered to take a salary & benefits cut in the interest of recovery from this slide into depression? And where would we be without them? I believe beffter off in every way. Is it time to move beyond tea baga toward a total overhaul that goes leagues beyond taxation without representation?

  6. Curtis apparently does not understand what is going on. He believes what ever is put out by the one is the word of GOD. Bush did this country no favors, neither did the republican or democrat congress and senate. Obamaination is not doing this country any favors at all–he is dead set on expanding socialism working towards marxism. Instead of complaining about Bush you need to do some research and find out how Obama is destroying this country and will make the future generations debtors before they are even born if he does not mandet aborting them by executive order.

  7. One thing that needs to be understood about the Tea Party. It is not a Republican or Democrat thing and it isn’t aimed at Bush or Obama. Both are mere symbols. It is the quiet American who has gotten tired of quietly sitting back and letting things go wrong. We finally stood up and said enough is enough. Historically, this problems has been going on for more years then just Bush. The foundation goes back to Wilson. The problem is that more and more politicans have decided that they don’t need to follow the Constitution, and the majority of Americans think they should. To call the Tea Party just a Republican thing, or, to call it merely anti-Obama, is to degrade the voices of thousands of average people who want to be heard. What happens next is the question. Will these people continue to stand up or will they return to their quiet.

  8. Curtis – obviously you prefer giving your paycheck to the current administration or you wouldn’t be so ignorant in your statement above.

    What troubles me – ALL the signs were there that Obama’s goal was to control the US Citizens mind, pocketbook and freedom to spend BEFORE the un-learned elected him to be the pope of the United States. Yep, some of the Bush policies have certainly backfired and had and caused issues. However, Obama’s continous “bow to the ring” attitude or I’ll bow to your ring attitude to the world (such as bowing to the prince, the Mrs’ touching the Queen, his desire to shield Muslim countries, etc, etc) is fuel to cause the United States of America to become a 3rd world economy. And his demonstrated propencity to lay down instead of fight – you’re wrong, the next 8 years will the worst America has ever experienced.

    Example: There are accolades regarding Obama’s reaction to (finally) give the kill order in order to get CPT Phillips from his captors this past weekend. Originally, Obama laid back and ‘observed’ the situation in hopes “it would all work out.” Bush would have had CPT Phillips back in our hands within hours of him being taken hostage, as the standing order states – take an American hostage, deal with the wrath of the United States, at your great cost. The world watched this event soley to test Obama’s lack of decision power and as a prelude to other issues will America face during his unraveling of America. The democrats prefer to sit back and watch rather than take action. Heck, if Clinton had acted years ago, Iraq may be written as a completely different event in history.

    So look in the mirror, find your prayer rug and hope Obama gets some whim of smarts about him, act like the president he’s been elected to and quit watching from the viewing window.

  9. You are quite ignorant to the point of the protest. We held up signs because we do not agree with Obama or his irrational, and irrisponsibe actions. Hypocrytes is not a word you can use against us. When did you drop in and have the right to critisize rights!? We definatly were there for many reasons. Stimulus pakage sucks, he is taxing us out of everything, our troops arent leaving the middle east, and all the promises he gave us during election days NEVER came true. Our government is becoming a lie. A socialist lie.

  10. I was at this rally, not to protest obama but to show that there are many supporters of him and what he is doing, us “kids” are the future and we should have a voice as well! Me and my friends went to this rally with peaceful intentions just as all the anti obama supporters did. But to our surprise they were very hostile to us, saying that we were just children and didn’t know what we were talking about. The police even had to escort one of the anti obama people away from us because he was shouting obscenity’s and threatening us. now I know a lot of things for my age and i am not a child. If any one is a child it is the people there who refused to let us speak, and were yelling at us. I realize that obamas solution is not the best but it has to be better than this mess bush got us into, things will get worse before they get better! This rally took place before obamas plans could even star to affect our economy, so before you ignorant people call me a child and say i know nothing, step back and look at the big picture! Bush put this country into MASSIVE debt, and he wasn’t going to be able to fix it! If after four years of obama the economy is still as bad as bush left is you can protest all you want, but so can the people who appose you!

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