The first tea party in Boston signaled the colonists’ dissatisfaction with British taxes and government interference, and gatherings scheduled for Wednesday seek to do the same thing – protest excessive taxes and too many government bailouts.

Hundreds of protests are scheduled to take place simultaneously in a number of cities on April 15, Tax Day.

While Springs protestors likely won’t be throwing tea into Monument Creek, they will gather from noon to 1:30 in downtown’s Acacia Park. It’s a grassroots effort, organizers say.

Other Colorado cities where tea parties are scheduled include Denver, Delta, Craig, Durango, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Loveland, Walsenburg and Woodland Park.

Organizers say 617 cities and a quarter of a million people are joining the protest.

“In particular, we believe the government is far too big already,” said event founder Jim Chiodi on the organizagion’s Web site, “Yes, this includes the previous administrations excess spending and the idea of bailouts to banks. The plans of the current administration are to make it even bigger. We resent the intrusion and control of government into our lives and liberties. This is a key factor prompting protests.”

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