Colorado Springs is again attracting national attention – this time not for its expanding military population or faith-based organizations, but for its ranking as the #6 city on’s “Top Ten Alternative Fueled City Fleets.”

The survey was conducted by SustainLane, a “people powered guide to sustainable living” Web site that tracks and promotes green and sustainable initiatives around the world.

News of the city’s growing green fleet – 58 percent of total vehicles/equipment — even made it into the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday when reporter Andrew Ross drew a comparison between the environmentally proactive Bay Area and other parts of the country. While Colorado Springs only ranked #43 on SustainLane’s Top 50 (Green) Cities list overall, it has already distinguished itself as a “comer” in green transporation.
The nationwide average for municipal green fleets, by the way, is only 28.7 percent – and New Orleans topped the list with the only all-green city fleet. One-hundred percent of its old fleet was replaced in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, with flex-fueled cars.