Things are a little hectic at the City Clerk’s office these days.

What was once an office of 10 people has been reduced to seven because of city budget reductions – and mail-in ballots for the city’s April 7 election are flowing in faster than Fountain Creek during spring runoff.

“All of our elections are busy, but this one is especially challenging,” said City Clerk Katherine Young. “You wouldn’t think that two or three people would make such a difference, but they certainly do.”

However, any operation that has its staff reduced by 30 percent is probably going to feel pressure, she said.

On top of the election work, Young said the office is still responsible for maintaining its regular work load, business and liquor licensing and city council prep work.

“We have to do all of that,” she said. “It doesn’t just stop because the election is here. We’re not like the county, which has a department that only takes care of elections. We’ll have the signature verification process coming up and the pre-processing judges will be coming in. And, the counting starts next week.”

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Young will host a public-count-process viewing at 10 a.m. Monday, March 30 at City Hall, 30 S. Nevada Ave., for members of the public or press interested in seeing how the votes are counted.’

Author: Rob Larimer