Dear Editor,
Recently Doug Bruce indicated that I, as the Stormwater Advisory Committee chairman, had publicly admitted the issue was not put on the ballot because City Council knew it would lose.
His statement is so inaccurate. What I actually stated was that it is my feeling that many people in this community hold that sentiment, but that I know that was not true. The council conducted a very public process, one in which Mr. Bruce decided not to participate, and they involved hundreds of community members.
The Stormwater Enterprise was created with great citizen input, with much thought and with the best interest of the community.
Bruce thinks that if he keeps repeating the word “tax” and he keeps spreading bad information, people will start to believe him, but his facts are not accurate.
This is not a tax and it has been determined, by the Colorado Supreme Court, to be a legal fee. He says that many of the 278 municipalities don’t have a Stormwater Enterprise, but what he doesn’t tell you is that the major cities in Colorado do. He tells you that the enterprise is only devoting 49 percent of the revenue to projects and the rest is overhead; the fact is 92 percent of revenue is directly spent on stormwater projects.
If Mr. Bruce was so focused on the Stormwater Enterprise, why didn’t he just do an initiative targeting it? Instead, he created two initiatives that will damage the city greatly.
He did this because he is not interested in working with the community to make our city better, he is only interested in tearing down our city. But did Mr. Bruce really understand his initiatives? I would say “no.”
In fact, Mr. Bruce did not even bother to do an open records act on some of the key facts and parts of his initiatives until months after he started the process, so how could he have even known what impacts they would have on the city.
I am tired of Mr. Bruce trying to “destroy” this city as he has publicly stated. If he is such a strong citizen advocate, why doesn’t he work with the community and be a part of the solution. I encourage all of you to do your own research, get the real facts, and most importantly vote “no” on 200 & 201.
Tom Harold, SAC chairman