Investors view the environment as a major long-term investing opportunity, said a survey of investors released by Allianz Global Investors.

Of the 1,003 investors surveyed, nearly half (49 percent) said that during the next 12 months they were likely to invest in a company or mutual fund looking to provide solutions for environmental problems; 17 percent reported having already made such an investment.

More than seven in 10 investors (71 percent) deemed environmental technology a “buy,” the most desirable sector of the six surveyed. More than half (54 percent) said that environmental investing will be an “important focus” for them in the future.

The environment used to be considered a left-leaning issue, but, at least among investors, it has squarely hit the political mainstream.

Forty-one percent of those who say they are likely to make an environmental investment over the next 12 months describe themselves as politically conservative, compared with 36 percent who say they are liberal. Two-thirds of all investors say that a presidential candidate’s environmental record and positions will have at least some impact on their vote.


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