People are moving out of the Great Lakes region and into the southern and western United States.

That’s according to findings from United Van Lines’ 2007 “migration” study that tracks where its customers moved from and to the most popular destinations.

The South emerged as a top migration spot in 2007. The list was headed by number one- ranked North Carolina followed by Alabama, South Carolina, West Virginia and Tennessee.

The West was also a popular destination. Nevada ranked second overall, Oregon, Arizona, Wyoming and South Dakota rounded out the list of states with significant in-migration increases. Other Western states that saw an inbound influx were Colorado and Montana. Utah and Idaho both saw a slight decrease in move-ins in the last year.

On the out-migration side, states in the Great Lakes region generally showed decreases in new residents.

Michigan ranked No. 1 on the high-outbound list again in 2007.

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Other states that made the high-outbound list were: New York, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio.


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