In view of the 4,800 additional soldiers and new brigade combat team that have been assigned to Fort Carson, an obvious question might be “Will the existing post be able to handle all the new folks?”

While it’s still too early to get a reading from the Department of the Army on specific future plans for additional base housing, Fort Carson’s public affairs office sees no reason for alarm.

Base privatization contractor GMH is working on a three-year contract to build 404 new living units. The project will be complete by year end 2009.

Garrison Commander Col. Eugene Smith provided the following preliminary look at the 2008 budget. Here’s are the projects approved so far and their budgets:

Facilities for Explosive Ordinance Disposal Companies $18,000,000
Unit Operations Facilities $72,000,000
Barracks $53,000,000
Hospital Addition and Dental Clinic $18,000,000
Army Family Housing Privatization $98,300,000