Now that the Thanksgiving holiday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us, it’s probably not too early to start thinking about holiday gift giving.
Sitting atop the stack of possible column ideas on my desk is the 2007 Holiday Jewelry Trends forecast from lia sophia’s vice president of sales, Bonni Davis.
The women in the Boyd family have always been under the delusion that I somehow possess wonderful taste and an incredible ability to pick the “perfect” jewelry gift. But it’s probably time that I confessed that I’ve always cheated just a bit.
Because I never used to have access to any trend forecasts, and because I’ve never really had any clue what’s in or what’s out, I always looked for a sales associate who was about the same age as my mother, sisters, aunts, etc. It was then quite easy to simply act dumb and ask her what she’d like to receive as a present from her son, brother, nephew, etc.
This holiday season, however, I should be able to make my purchases without having to engage in the tried-and-true song and dance, thanks to Davis’ predictions about what this year’s chic jewelry pieces are.
The following are the top 10 trends for the holidays:
Classic Black — Black is the color that never goes out of style. This season keep an eye out for jet crystals, black faceted glass and for a truly timeless look — black beads combined with white or grey pearls.
Red Alert — Look for party perfect jewelry in a range of rich red colors. Red makes quite a statement on its own, or adds spice to black, brown and grey hues, in modern and antique-inspired designs.
Cuffed — Fashion experts agree that bracelets are the key piece of jewelry for fall and winter. Whether you don a metal cuff or a beaded stretch bracelet, you are undeniably in style.
Back to Nature — Nature’s influences on fashion did not halt at summer’s end. This trend continues to be popular, as evidenced by the presence of semiprecious stones, shell, wood and leaf motifs in jewelry.
The Bold and the Beautiful — Large pendants and statement-making stones remain a hot trend for the holidays. From bold metal pendants, to substantial CZ cocktail rings, bigger is better if you want to make an impression.
Heating up — Although some areas of the country are dropping in temperature, fashion’s color palette is heating up. Warm tones, such as cherry red, auburn, pumpkin, mustard and chocolate reflect the colors of the changing seasons.
Golden Girl — Gold-toned jewelry in shiny or matte finishes light up any holiday look. Wearers will absolutely glow in canary yellow crystals, topaz glass and butterscotch cat’s eye.
Lots of Layers — Multi-layered long necklaces remain a fashion focus. Keep it simple with a long, triple-stand necklace, or mix things up by piling on two or more complimentary necklaces of different lengths for a unique look.
Close to the Ocean — Colors borrowed from seascapes remain key in jewelry and accessories this season. Blue stones, crystals and beads in shades of cobalt, aquamarine and blue topaz play a primary role because of their wearability and versatility.
Untamed — Tribal and ethnic motifs, and materials, remain at the forefront of the fashion jewelry industry. Material such as carved wood, antiqued textured beads, hammered metal and neutral colors are hotter than ever.
Yeah, not sure I’m any more prepared to venture out on my own than I was before reading the list. Probably best to stick with the dumb-guy routine and rely on the kindness of strangers.
Of course, I’m probably safe picking up a bow tie or two for my dad, brother and nephews — unless they actually read my column a couple weeks ago.
Mike Boyd is editor of the Colorado Springs Business Journal. He can be reached at or 329-5206.