More Colorado teens talk on cell phones and send text message while driving than teens from other states.

About 66 percent of Colorado teens admitted to talking on the phone while driving compared to a national average of 51 percent, according to results of a AAA Colorado study released today.

Nearly 51 percent of the teens admitted to text messaging while driving compared to a national average of 46 percent who admitted to texting from behind the wheel.

About 460 teens from 84 cities statewide responded to the survey, which also quizzed teens about their knowledge of laws regarding cell phone use while driving.

Other survey results include:

  • 97 percent believe text messaging while driving is dangerous.
  • 81 percent believe there should be some legal limitation on cell phone use, including text messaging, while driving.
  • 74 percent admitted not knowing traffic laws for cell phone use.
  • 73 percent of teens said strict driving penalties, such as losing their license, would make them less likely to text message while driving.
  • 38 percent said they take their eyes off the road when texting and driving.