The Indianapolis Business Journal reported last week that Colorado Springs officials are “in a panic” over losing USA Basketball – and other Olympic governing bodies – possibly to Indianapolis, because the Indiana Sports Corp. is apparently making a “hard run” at USA Basketball.

I have told people around town that Indianapolis is a real contender to pick off our governing bodies. They already have Track and Field, Gymnastics, Diving and Synchronised Swimming.

The good news? The good news is that Indianapolis is not interested in the USOC headquarters. The IBJ reports there are at least three logical communities for the USOC to move to. Los Angeles, Chicago and yes maybe even stay here.

So, what are our officials doing about it? I don’t know. City hall isn’t giving much detail. Have we taken the USOC and the governing bodies for granted? I think so.

Why haven’t our “panicked” officials reached out to the community as a whole? What about the military connections? Do you think maybe our friends out at Peterson AFB might be able to assist by lending aircraft to fly USOC officials around for a little schmooze factor?
We need to come together as a community and work together to keep the USOC and all of our governing bodies here, not sit back in ivory towers and in secret meetings. We can accomplish more by working together.
How about a tax to subsidize a local developer’s initiative to build something big and beautiful for the USOC? Oh, we tried that with a convention center, but voters (and The Broadmoor) shot that down. We need some action and action now.