BlueSpace is the name that IBM has given to its next-generation workspace project.
This solution encompasses multiple software and hardware components that integrate sensors, actuators, displays and wireless networks into architectural elements.
The goal is to increase knowledge workers’ productivity by eliminating unwanted interruptions, improving awareness, and facilitating communication among team members.
These enhancements are designed to provide greater comfort through personalized environmental settings. This project also seeks to create modular workplace solutions that can be combined in different ways to optimize workspace utilization and worker efficiency.
The office furniture manufacturer Steelcase has collaborated with IBM to create a prototype at the IBM Industry Solutions Lab in Hawthorne, N.Y.
Some of the features of BlueSpace designed to help increase the employee’s concentration are a Status Light above the cubicle that, when red, means “do not disturb,” an Urgent Messages Screen that alerts sequestered workers to time-sensitive information and an Office Front Display that shares information about the occupant, such as interests, availability and current projects.
Two new technologies facilitate people working in collaboration: “MyTeam” uses sensor data to connect team members and to broadcast availability awareness. One touch opens the preferred communication channel, whether it is e-mail, phone or instant message. Their Everywhere Displays projector transforms any surface into a touch-screen.
IBM demonstrates that the workspace of the future will be more user-supportive and personalized. Read more about IBM’s ground-breaking BlueSpace.
From The Herman Trend Alert, by Joyce Gioia-Herman, strategic business futurist.