Dear Editor,
In your CSBJ View of Oct. 12, you ask the question of whether our alleged city leaders are contenders or pretenders. As someone trying to do business in the real world, I assume the question is rhetorical.
Of course they are pretenders.
You said so yourself, when in the same column, you state our alleged leaders went to “a handful of powerful local developers.” They can’t get anything done (except, of course, to build more parking garages), so they go to the folks who they think will make them look the best.
In this case, it’s the developers.
It will be interesting to see what these powerful types come up with, since the local real estate markets aren’t very good (despite the spin put out by the Colorado Springs Board of Realtors), and some of them may be a little strapped.
By the way, who is “They” in your column? The mayor? City Council? I guess if you’re going to run a column like this, (which you should), you ought to name names.
For those of us in the real world, who are directly responsible for the performance, good or bad, of our organizations, it’s very frustrating to watch our alleged city leaders dance around the concepts of responsibility and accountability. Perhaps that’s why nobody with the kind of experience the city needs will run for office.
Maybe it’s time to change the City Charter to include having the mayor and council be full-time jobs. It might get some people who understand responsibility, accountability and performance to run for office.
John Whitten,
Colorado Springs