The national media have begun to weigh in on the possibility that the United States Olympic Committee might leave Colorado Springs – and at least one reporter has some discouraging words.

NBC Sports reporter Alan Abrahamson wrote yesterday there’s a real chance the USOC could be leaving Colorado Springs.

“There’s considerable sense in running a high-performance training center at altitude,” he said. “There’s not a lot of sense in keeping the executive offices in what is – fairly or not – perceived elsewhere as a mountain backwater that’s eight time zones away from International Olympic Committee headquarters in Switzerland and that doesn’t even feature a decent airport. For that, you first have to drive to Denver, a couple hours away. That’s absurd.”

And, if the USOC’s address listing on the IOC’s Web site is any indicator, Abrahamson might be on to something.

“Don’t think the USOC won’t make a move. It’s intriguing: the USOC’s address on the IOC webpage is no longer Colorado Springs – it’s the Irvine, Calif., offices of the USOC international relations bureau.”

But his conclusion is a little more hopeful. If we can come up with a decent package for the USOC, he thinks they’ll stay here.

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“… if you were betting, the probabilities are still with the USOC staying in Colorado Springs. To analogize, it’s like a championship fight. You have to knock the champ out. You don’t just outpoint him.”