The City of Colorado Springs has opened its first Ethanol 85 fuel pump.

The pump will provide fuel for 93 city and utilities flex-fuel vehicles, which can run on unleaded gasoline or a gasoline and ethanol combination.

Since corn is the primary material for ethanol, E85 is expected to reduce dependency on petroleum and emit fewer carbon monoxide emissions.


  1. Great. So now the city will help drive up food prices as well as keep pressure up on oil prices as they transport the E-85 by trucks using fossil fuels.

  2. do you really think that suddenly the world will starve tomorrow because there will be no corn?
    it’s a slow change through the market, and adjustments will happen.
    don’t be so reactionary.
    that’s one of the problems with this town; you react to problems instead of preventing them (see all the other blog posts).

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