It all started as a usual day with a trip to DIA to fly to another newspaper for a visit. This trip is to Boise to visit the Idaho Business Review, a sister paper to the CSBJ.

It all started going awry at castle pines parkway. I25 was closed due to a crash involving a semi and some cars at the Lincoln Ave exit. Vehicles were forced to exit at castle pines.

Well as you probably know there is no way to get to e470 to get to DIA east on castle pines parkway.

I missed my 9:50 Frontier flight. It turns out that flight actually departed early….when does that happen? Of course it happens when I am running late.

Frontier sent me to United, United sent me back to Frontier, Frontier sent me back to United. I am a relatively patient guy but having to get back in the long lines was getting to me. I can tell you United must have gotten out of bankruptcy by cutting staff at the ticket counter. There were only 3 people and maybe 7 work stations to serve a long line of travelers.

Finally I got booked standby on an 11:50 flight to Boise on United. I made it out to gate B80 and…you guessed it, the flight was full and I didn’t get on.

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So I called our publisher in Boise letting him know the status and that I would be late. ( I am booked on a 2 pm flight.) He let me know that the bank across from Hotel 43 where I will be staying in Boise was robbed this morning. Geez whats next?


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