I get a lot of email.

I subscribe to numerous business journals’ daily electronic versions, like the one that you probably just clicked through to read this blog.

And, because I’m in the media business, I tend to get a lot of extra e-mail. Everyone wants something, and everyone sends me press releases. A pet peeve of mine is when people send me e-mail with a subject line the reads “see press release attached.” Yeah right, like I have the time to open an attachment from someone I don’t know with information on something I don’t know about or probably don’t even care about.

I have a rule here at the CSBJ that e-mail subject lines must be clear. Change the subject line especially on forwarded e-mail if you want me to read it.

There is an argument out there that e-mail is an old stodgy media with the advent of instant messaging, and who knows what will be next.

If you want to reach me, pick up the phone. I am probably one of the old-timers in our office that answers voice mail before e-mail. That being said, I also rely on our 20 somethings too often when I have a computer issue.

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I currently have 1,235 items in my inbox and I probably delete somewhere around 100 a day. In some ways I think e-mail actually slows down business. Why e-mail someone that is 30 feet from your computer when you walk 30 feet and go talk to them? I am constantly deleting and going to talk to someone rather than hitting the reply button.

Then there are always the folks e-mailing you from Nigeria with money to give you. There is a new term out there called “scambaiters.” These folks have some fun at the scammers expense.

I gotta go…my phone is ringing.